Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimaztion (SEO)

SEO is a marketing strategy that promotes your business online and increases your website visibility in search results.

Do you want your website to appear at the top search engine result pages when potential customers search for the products or services you sale or provide?

If the answer is YES, then you need to start investing in SEO for your website immediately because SEO is a process that takes time. The sooner you start, the quicker traffic will begin to grow.

Why you need local SEO
  • Your visibility in local search results will improve
  • Sales leads will increase due to existing customer reviews
  • You will get more local traffic to your website
  • Mobile visibility will increase via map listings
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What you get

How Will SEO Grow Your Business?

Generate New Customers

The aim of an SEO campaign is to elevate your website’s position on the search results page. Achieving a higher ranking enhances your site’s visibility and leads to increased traffic and potential customers. By prioritizing your website’s search presence, you can attract clients who might otherwise be engaging with your competitors.

Engage with the right Clientele

Our objective isn’t to draw all kinds of visitors to your website; instead, we aim to attract top-tier leads. Conducting keyword research and brand analysis allows us to tailor the SEO strategy to align with your brand. By comprehending your business and the target audience, we can engage users who are more inclined to engage in business with you.

Behind the Scene

Some Of Our SEO Process

Website Audit

We start with a website audit. We thoroughly examine your website to find structural flaws that affect user experience and negatively impact search rankings.

At Emerix Digital, we examine every aspect of the website, including its navigation, broken links, meta tags, alt tags, page performance and so much more. 

Keyword Research

Every SEO campaign’s foundation is keyword research. Finding the search phrases your potential customers enter into search engines enables us to increase keyword impressions and bring new visitors to your website.

We perform in-depth keyword research utilizing a variety of tools and approaches as well as your own keyword priorities, and we then give you a comprehensive keyword list from which to select your targeted keywords.

On-page SEO

The goal of on-page SEO is to optimize your website’s page, HTML tags, URLs, meta descriptions, content, photos, navigation, alt tags etc. It involves using the right keywords and other SEO-recommended practices to optimize each page.

As a result, your product and service pages will rank higher thanks to on-page optimization, which explains to the search engine what each web page is intended to do.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a strategy specifically created for potential customers looking for products and services you sale or provide in their specific geographical area. Being found in local search is key to business success. 

Local SEO brings your website to the top of local search results and Google Maps listings, so when people search in your area, they will find you.

Link Clean Up

Incoming links that are spammy and unnatural are harmful. They must be located as quickly as possible, either removed or disavowed, as they lower your domain authority and ranking potential.

We periodically scan your link profile to find and get rid of these links and keep your link profile clean and optimized.

Off-page SEO

We use high-quality, unique material, respectable link building techniques, and content marketing strategies to create high-authority links to your website. 

Additionally, because your website must be a reliable source of information before other websites and businesses can link to it, off-page SEO is the last phase in our SEO process.

Have a questions ?

We answer your most frequently asked questions

How fast will I see results from SEO?

SEO process takes time, you can expect to see results and increased website traffic in about 6 months. We recommend a 6-month project retainer to start to see a steady return on investment. After six months, you should see continued growth in traffic and better rankings on the search results page.

How much does it cost?

Google My Business packages start at $350 per month, while website SEO retainer packages for local businesses start at $750 per month. Custom SEO projects are quoted based on the client’s needs and goals. Custom SEO campaigns are tailored specifically to the client and their industry.

Why should I invest in SEO?

Most people believe that after they publish their website, the website will automatically start to appear in search results, but that’s true.

Business websites are ranked by search engines according to their authority in a particular market or service area. When you invest in SEO, Google will start to rank your website for particular search phrases which will allow potential customers to locate your organization online, and your website will begin making money for your business.